>> Discover the thrill of mountain biking with other women! <<

This is the absolute basis for the whole program:
Women gain the confidence to ride their bikes. Whether your goal is to improve your mountain biking or road biking skills, this program will teach you all the fundamentals necessary to ride in all types of conditions with fluid skill, strength, confidence and fearlessness!!

What makes this program so unique and successful is that every person who takes a class will see improvements by the end of even ONE lesson. This program not only provides instruction in all aspects of mountain biking and road biking, it empowers women (everyone) to face whatever their fears are about riding and takes them to a new level where they never believed they could go!!

Many a participant has shed tears of joy and has screamed with elation after having conquered an obstacle they never believed previously they could handle. WOMB was founded in 1997 by former mountain bike racer and national class road racer Andrea Tollefsrud. Andrea wasn't seeing many women on the trails — instead, she saw women riding their mountain bikes on the pavement (many times ill-fitted), or she met women who purchased mountain bikes but were afraid to ride them. Andrea wanted women to be able to use their bikes the way they're meant to be used — on the trails, out in the elements!

The WOMB Program offers lessons & classes Privately (one-on-one), Semi-Privately (two people), or Small Groups (three or more riders). Attention to each rider's needs is emphasized, whether it is a fear of descending, difficulty completing a steep ascent, or clearing an obstacle. Each rider will be set up properly on her bicycle to assure safety and comfort while riding all types of terrain. Necessary equipment recommendations will be made to help YOU achieve an ideal bicycle fit. Whether you are considering racing or you just want to be a more confident rider, these classes will provide you with the skills to get you to places you never thought you could go on a bike. In addition, WOMB is a great social environment, a great way to get fit and lose weight, and a great alternative for athletes who have injuries from other sports.

Andrea Tollefsrud is the owner of Fit for Life, a personal training and nutrition counseling business based in Boulder, Colorado. She has over 28 years combined racing and training experience.

A former nationally ranked competitive cyclist, Andrea knows first-hand the importance of balanced nutrition combined with proper resistance training and cardiovascular training techniques. In addition, she worked in the bicycle retail and manufacturing industry for over 5 years. Her knowledge and experience allow her to provide each rider with sound cycling instruction. Also an informative, witty, and engaging lecturer on cycling, nutrition, and fitness-related subjects, Andrea's passion for fitness and good health is contagious, and you are guaranteed to have a laughing good time.

Andrea is:

  • A.C.E. Certified Personal Trainer  
  • Certified Nutritionist, C.N. 
  • Certified Indoor Cycling Class Instructor 
  • 1987 Arizona State Mountain Bike Champion 
  • Silver Medallist: Arizona State Road Bike Championships 
  • Silver Medallist: Colorado State Road Bike Championships 
  • Certified Reflexologist 
  • She has over 35 wins in her 6-year racing career