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Testimonials & Press

“I guess it is possible, even at my age, for someone to tell you things that really change your life. Despite decades of cycling experience, I never knew riding could be as exhilarating as it became after my husband and I spent a few hours with Andrea having our bikes precision fit and then going out to learn the ways of the road.  What was most important is how she was able to convey ideas about pace line riding, hill climbing, handle bar usage, signaling, and stability skills to both of us. It is great to wake-up pain free after a century ride and be ready to do it all over again. We know this would have been impossible without the many lessons Andrea shared with us.”
-- Mary and Tom Walker

From satisfied W.O.M.B. participants:

"After eight years of struggling to keep up with my friends on the climbs, one session with Andrea solved my problem! Some advice about changing my gearing, and a new-learned skill of how to get back on the bike and continue a climb have made a huge difference. I am now having more fun biking, NOT hiking, and so are my friends."
-- Emily Rucker, chiropractor

Thank you, thank you for your patience and amazing teaching ability!! I know I chose the perfect person to help me! As I said, Iíd rather take it slowly over many lessons and build my confidence (like today) than try to advance too quickly and have it not go as well. Thanks for knowing how far to push and for making it a good experience. I really enjoyed working with you and Iíve been cheering myself all afternoon. I did it! Yes!"
-- Jo Scoville, Longmont, CO

"Hi Andrea,
I feel that our last lesson was a huge step forward for me. The difference in bike handling and balance between tense and relaxed body is so obvious and so difficult!! What weíre doing has helped me so much, I enjoy working with you very much and want to continue.
-- Judy McDonald, Boulder, CO

"Dear Andrea,
For the first time in my life, I went on a single track mountain bike ride and smiled. I wanted more by the dayís end. Up until yesterday, I tried single track riding with friends and didnít enjoy myself. I saw rocks as barriers to my ability as a rider. I was so afraid I would fall off the bike, that I ended up walking more than riding. I heard your voice telling me to get my butt off the seat when going downhill, to lean when going around the corners and have confidence that the rear wheel would glide over the rocks. Thank you, Andrea, for teaching me that I could do it!"
-- Jan Mitchell, Boulder, CO

From "Take Back the Bike," by Tricia Brick, in the Boulder Weekly, October 1999:

Colleen asserts that riding with a woman instructor is completely different from hitting the trail with male friends... "Andrea knows that women can do this," Colleen observes. "She's debunking the myth of mountain biking being a man's sport."

From "Easy Riders," by Carol Kauder, in the Daily Camera (Boulder), May 1998:

For Boulder nurse Jo Mayo, learning to fix a flat tire on her mountain bike was a liberating experience. She bought a bike last summer with the intention of taking it out on the open space trails.

"Initially, I was afraid to go much farther than my neighborhood, because I was so afraid of getting a flat tire," said Mayo, 48. With the help of Andrea Tollefsrud, a personal trainer and former nationally ranked mountain-bike racer who now teaches the fundamentals of her sport to beginners, Mayo can now change a tire in five minutes and feels free to wander her favorite trails on two wheels. ...

The first obstacle comes in buying a bicycle... [One] crucial link often lost in a retail transaction is ensuring proper fit of the bike... Having the wrong bike or a bike that doesn't fit can be the first step in a very short mountain-biking career... As part of her Women on Mountain Bikes program, Tollefsrud will go bike shopping with a client to provide knowledgeable and objective advice. She will also help the client make the necessary adjustments.

But buying the bike is only the first step. "I used to work in bike shops, and what I saw was a lot of women would buy these bicycles and never use them," Tollefsrud said. Many women go buy a mountain bike because it is a hobby of their husbands or boyfriends, but because they have the wrong bike, it isn't fun for them, or they can't get past a beginner stage to ride competently with their friends and partners.

So she decided to start WOMB to get women past the beginner stage, so they would feel confident to join up with a group ride or keep up with experienced friends. "There are a lot of women out there who deserve to ride and deserve not to be dropped by their boyfriends. I guess I identified a need," she said. A goal of her program is to be a catalyst so that ultimately they can ride with their partners, who might be better riders but don't take the time to teach them, and have the freedom to go where they want to go.