>> Discover the thrill of mountain biking with other women! <<

Be sure to visit our Road Bike Skills Training page for details on all aspects of road biking skills for the absolute novice to the entry-level bike racer.

Riding Skills -- on the trail
Now we're getting somewhere. Having trouble clearing that HUGE log? What about riding down a gnarly, rocky hillside or trying to negotiate that tight switchback? Does the thought of any of this just scare the beejeebers outta ya? You will learn to overcome your fears, Grasshopper. Or should I call you Bunny-hopper? Yes, that you will learn as well. Sound like fun? You bet it is. And you will feel so much more confident on your bike even after your first class. Just ask all the smiley, happy people who have taken the WOMB course. Here's what is covered in a typical class:
  • Bike setup/body positioning
  • Bike maneuvering drills & skills
  • Balancing in place /"trackstand"
  • Cornering on pavement & dirt
  • Efficient shifting and braking technique
  • Remounting the bike on steep hills
  • Efficient pedaling technique
  • Riding over obstacles(rocks, logs, waterbars)
  • Climbing/Descending position and technique
  • Negotiating tight switchbacks(uphill and downhill)

Fitness Training Techniques
Now that you've learned how to properly ascend that steep hill, it's time to work on getting more efficient at it. No need to suck dirt forever! WOMB will provide you with some great fitness training secrets to become faster, stronger and downright leaner. It beats starving yourself to death to rid yourself of that winter coat (perhaps spring, summer and fall too).

You'll learn:

  • A weekly, monthly, and yearly training program covering specifics of ride mode, intensity and duration
  • Full body and core strength training programs for the off-season and during season
  • Nutrition counseling and sports nutrition guidance (Andrea is a Certified Nutritionist, C.N.)
  • A stretching/flexibility program to keep those hard working muscles "tuned up" and running smoothly
  • Specifics of recovery and cross training
Andrea helps a student achieve proper bike fit Safety Tips/Proper Bike Fit
Proper bike fit assures a safe and comfortable ride. Each rider's unique proportions will be taken into consideration when being fitted to her bike. If we think it's needed, we will recommend changes in your equipment based on how your bike fits you. You now look good on your bike, but do you know which side of the road to ride on? How 'bout hand signals, road rules, trail etiquette? You'll learn what it takes to be a safe and happy rider. And that's what it's all about. So let's get going!
Trailside Repair
This class consists of learning how to fix a flat as if you were out in the boonies somewhere. You'll learn what essential equipment to carry on a ride. Also covered is how to make minor adjustments to your shifting system and brakes so you can get where you're going and stop on a dime.
Basic Bike Maintenance
Don't you just hate a dirty bike? Maybe you don't mind it, but your bike sure does. Crunchy gears and squeaky chains guarantee a short life span for your whole drive train. What the heck is a drive train? This you'll learn as well. How do you get that chain on and off, anyway? Is my bike safe to ride? When do I need to buy new treads? The answers to these and so many other questions are taught in this class in a fun and supportive atmosphere.