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Road Bike Training

The Women on Bikes Program teaches the fundamentals of road cycling to all levels, from the absolute novice (“how do I get ON this bike……”) all the way up to the race-level “roadie”.

Remember, your instructor was herself a national-level Category II road racer who attended two separate Cycling Training Camps at the Olympic Training Center and has been coaching both road and off-road skills for over 20 years. This hands-on experience, combined with detailed and articulate instruction, will assure the participant measureable improvement even after a single lesson.

Road biking is a different animal than mountain biking and thus requires a working knowledge of all the unique aspects of the sport from basic safe riding in groups and traffic, to body positioning on the bike, and even differences in how/when to shift, brake, climb, descend, corner, etc.

Our Road Bike Skills Program has been broken down into four (4) main skill levels:

Level I - Absolute Beginner
Level II - Advanced Beginner/Intermediate
Level III – Intermediate/Advanced
Racer Level

Level I – Absolute Beginner covers these basic, but essential skills:

• Bike fit assessment
• Bike/equipment safety check
• Explanation of all traffic and bike laws/rules
• Safe mounting/dismounting
• Pedal familiarization/”finding your pedals”
• Basic brake usage
• Gear familiarization/timely shifting
• Hand positioning for various riding styles
• Hand signaling/riding one-handed
• “Reading” traffic and driver actions/intentions
• Water bottle access/return to cage
• Looking-over-shoulder without drifting for lane changes, passing, left turns, etc

Level II – Advanced Beginner/Intermediate (NOTE: Assuming rider has learned/knows all the skills covered in Level I Skills Course)

• Quick starts/Abrupt stops
• Climbing position and cadence
• Descending position, cadence, turns/curve negotiation
• Riding in Groups:

o Side-by-side
o “Holding your line”
o Drafting behind other riders
o Relaxed riding position
o Avoiding wheel overlap (coasting vs. braking)
o Rider etiquette/pointing out road hazards

• Engaging core muscles/proper body ergonomics
• Efficient pedal cadence for various riding situations
• Riding through/over road bumps/holes, railroad tracks, etc
• Efficient/timely shifting in all riding situations (sprinting, climbing, descending, etc)
• Safe/effective brake usage in all riding situations
• Balancing on bike at extremely slow pace/track-standing

Level III – Intermediate/Advanced: This course/lesson is for those who can demonstrate a proficiency of all skills covered in Levels I and II.

• Safe navigation and maneuvering in and out of traffic
• Wiping off debris-covered tires while riding
• Exchanging water/food, etc from other riders
• Taking water/food, etc “hand-ups” from roadside support
• Bunny hopping to clear sudden obstacles, angled RR tracks, etc
• Picking up dropped chain while riding
• Safe, close “pack” riding
• Echelon riding technique/etiquette
• Close drafting behind another rider
• Out-of-the-saddle climbing position/technique
• Fast descending/cornering down mountain roads

Advanced Level/Racer Level: Rider possesses at least 2 years riding experience with a demonstrable proficiency in all skills through Level III-Intermediate/Advanced rider skill level.

• Specific training schedule (micro & macro-cycles)
• Sprinting technique on “flats”:

o Proper gear choice
o Body position/ergonomics
o Using upper body strength to your advantage

• Hill sprinting
• “Jumping” from the pack (flats & hills)
• Challenging skills drills:

o Moving body around the bike
o Object retrieval
o Contact drills with other riders
o Holding onto another rider (pull-along)
o Elbow bumping/Leaning into another rider

• Race tactics:

o “Blocking”
o Surprise attacks
o “Reading” the other riders’ moves/intentions