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Popular Trails

Marshall Mesa-Community Ditch: Discover South Boulder's most popular, "user-friendly" trail located just south of Boulder city limits. A combination of single-track and double-track terrain with a few rocks and ruts, some water-bars, and a short, steep ascent/descent for practicing your climbing and down-hill technique. GREAT for the beginner/Advanced beginner rider.

Four-mile/Foothills/Eagle Trail: This is an ideal trail in north Boulder which accesses the popular Boulder Valley Ranch trail system offering some challenging single-track in parts, with lots of rocks and a few logs. Also has a great "groomed" pea-gravel, double-track section for practicing your fast, loose, sharp turns. Ideal for the Advanced Beginner to Intermediate-level rider.

Link or Connector Trail to Betasso Preserve Trail: NOW we're talking challenging. The short, but not so sweet (kind) Link/Connector Trail goes straight up part of Sugarloaf Mountain (from Canyon Road) to connect to the breathtakingly beautiful Betasso Preserve Canyon Trail loop. The first part (and last part) known as the Connector Trail, is very, very steep, rocky and loose. It has several turns which are ideal for mastering your skills at climbing and descending tight switchbacks. Your reward is the Betasso Preserve Canyon loop which offers a lot of tree cover and cooler temperatures, not to mention highly sought-after FAST single-track. NOTE: This trail is only accessible to mountain bikes Sunday through Tuesday, Thursday and Friday (closed to bikes Wednesdays and Saturdays).

Hall Ranch Trail-Lyons: The trail to end all trails. You'll never need any other terrain to dial in your balance, power, focus and fortitude. Here's a perfect mix of rocks, roots, 2-foot drop-offs, and tighter-than-hairpin turns on a "trail" that is more like a giant monolith. If you want to show off your technical prowess, then this is your trail! Due to time factors such as travel distance to get to this trail combined with the extra time required to really work on all the challenges it has to offer the advanced rider, an additional charge is accrued. It is well worth it. Call for specifics.